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    The analysis of the color of uniform cop combat uniform manufacturer

    Article Source:Cool Industrial Co., Ltd. Guangzhou military arts Popularity:issuing time:2016-09-22 15:05:07


      Uniform is army uniform. Through uniform texture, style and color can be out of the aesthetic of The Times, can also read the political, military, economic and other aspects.


     Uniform most in the world is green, the military uniform is green camouflage, operational time won't be spotted by the enemy, achieve the goal of a pre-emptive strike. Uniforms are not wholly green, depends on natural background, from the perspective of hidden, in the desert, for example, yellow-brown uniform only with the background come near; In the snow, the white is coordinated; At sea, as long as the blue harmony with them.


      In what is now the era of peace, a special combat uniform manufacturer is more towards the direction of entertainment and leisure, more for beauty and comfort to adjust the color, according to people's life and preferences differ in different parts of the need to do some adjust, each season design styles and characteristics of different, more get the favour of people.


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