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    Swat combat uniform manufacturer sharing all kinds of fabrics of different clothes mildew processing

    Article Source:Cool Industrial Co., Ltd. Guangzhou military arts Popularity:issuing time:2016-09-19 10:08:17


         Because of the summer weather is hot and wet, or change garments according to the weather is not stable, not often wear clothes is easy to mold, once some yellow, and black long mildew spot, is a very depressing thing anxiety, but that was before, now swat combat uniform manufacturer to teach you some of the ways to deal with mildew:



         If it is cotton clothes, we can use the tender mungbean sprout where there is mould rub your back and forth, until the mould become more and more shallow, solved the last rinse off with clear water; If is woollen clothes, that is more simple, direct to the sun insolates, then with the brush gently brush away where mold;


    The chemical fiber clothes? We can put in a bowl to make a period of time, add water to the tub and then add a little white vinegar, which can go mould mark and mildew; For some lighter color clothes, it is recommended that you can use the water that clean out rice soak overnight, then according to the normal washing process.


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