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    Introduction to military bedding manufacturers can absorb dust nets?

    Article Source:Cool Industrial Co., Ltd. Guangzhou military arts Popularity:issuing time:2016-08-22 11:06:11

              In for different material of weaving nets will have different auxiliary function, in according to the difference of absorption, air permeability and will produce after using different consequences, so in according to the season of categories and use environmental difference. To exquisite production technology in the bedding, and frequent shade nets, in order to use is too long, how to absorb the dust is on the bed clean.



    The first: auxiliary sticky sticky materials

    In different environment and different sleep space, and according to the sleep safe sex and bed supplies of clean degree and comfort comfort sleep feeling of, so in the selection of material, but according to material in the material types of features of permeability, for the gap between the nets prevent dirt and can absorb the penetration of the bed. The auxiliary function of dust sticky viscosity can enhance the use bedding, health.

            Second: the size of the gap to prevent dust particles mixed with

    Military bedding manufacturer of mosquito nets in the exquisite production technology, characteristics and durability of permeability for the material itself. So the tabernacle in all the bed covers around to avoid mosquito bites, and in the wind and blow dust pollution, in the production with the permeability of the aperture size is to be flexible in defense of dust.

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