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    Group work uniform custom: introduction to understand how to maintain uniform prevent fade aging

    Article Source:Cool Industrial Co., Ltd. Guangzhou military arts Popularity:issuing time:2016-07-07 15:08:04

      In each class, dress is professional ability can highlight the professional nature and more for the employees working in each enterprise, according to the requirement of the enterprise working days are a work uniform. In the compulsory to wear every day and keep clean, is hurt for uniform, and color fade quickly becomes shallow, fast aging, so group work uniform custom in peacetime should be how to prevent fading and maintain aging?



    First: to work in the new uniforms, the first to salt immersion cleaning issues about 30 minutes, so as to have color hardener effect. Again to clean with soap agent, this can prevent the fading can maintain the brightness of the color. But every time all must carry on the classification of color when they are washed clean. For the colorful clothes, should put vinegar soak 30 minutes when cleaning, prevent faded phenomenon.

    Second: for the maintenance work is wearing uniforms at ordinary times can't long time exposure in the sun, so it is easy to fade and aging, and it also causes a harden clothing fabrics, so to control the clothes in the washing process, and the color brightness is to keep the dress, maintenance is very important.

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