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    Military bedding manufacturer: teach you how to choose the nets

    Article Source:Cool Industrial Co., Ltd. Guangzhou military arts Popularity:issuing time:2016-06-20 18:24:14

    In now is the season of summer and the weather is very hot, sleep at night will have a lot of mosquitoes, someone will use mosquito-repellent incense mosquitoes, but is toxic mosquito-repellent incense, inhaled too much is harmful to the human body. But in the military or is out of soldiers, is away so good didn't say that you can use mosquito-repellent incense, and many will have the inconvenience, and a soldier military training or special training area are in mountain areas or wild country mountainous area. There will be how many mosquitoes, so in choosing a mosquito net, how should choose?


    The first: good quality can use for a long time

    Military bedding manufacturers choose fabrics can use pure cotton yarn, polyester. Its durability. And permeability is different, the price also is different. In the choice of pure cotton yarn nets is breathable, sturdy and durable, but the volume is big, and bibulous rate is high, washing more difficult. But don't recruit mosquitoes, mosquito nets a crack. And the price is cheap. And polyester nets good permeability, light quality. Very soft and durable, easy to clean. Don't bug eat by moth and mosquitoes and the price also quite appropriate. In the choice to choose good quality bed nets to setteth can sleep a good sleep.

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